Being a Bad Ass Wine Drinker 101

 Stunning Unknown Grapes

By Julie Peglau

Being a bad ass means standing out from the crowd. In the world of wine that means trying new things. So, put down the bottle of generic Pinot Grigio and strap your taste buds in for a ride.

We travel to Italy and Spain for our first bad ass wine adventure. There are grapes growing in the Old World that almost never make it to liquor store shelves. These are the wines that the locals have grown and enjoyed for centuries. 

“With all the edumacation (aka wine drinking) that I’ve done, it’s super exciting to meet a new variety.”


I love love love discovering an unknown grape. With all the edumacation (aka wine drinking) that I’ve done, it’s super exciting to meet a new variety. So, when I tasted this and it was everything that I love about a white wine, I knew I had to share it with you. 

Il Feuduccio Passerina
Colline Teatine 2017

Clean, citrussy, hints of flowers and delicate stone fruit notes, tangy with a satisfying lip-smacking finish.

Worked great with a light bocconcini salad and surprisingly well with tandoori chicken. This white is delish – your glass will be empty before you know it.

Passerina is a rare, native grape to the coastal Marche region in eastern Italy. Super small production and once nearly extinct, the farmers, are credited for bringing it back to life. Very cool. Named after the small birds that like to munch on the grapes when they ripen.

This just came into BC Liquor Stores in limited quantities. 

$25.99 +t&d #165363

Mencía mehn-THEE-ah

Ok, Mencía has been on my radar for years, but it’s still relatively unknown and deserves some serious attention. Cultivated since Roman times, this grape was almost wiped out by the Phylloxera devastation of the late 19thcentury, but it too was thankfully saved from extinction. 

Grown in the Bierzo region in North West Spain, Mencía can range in styles that mirror Pinot Noir to Cabernet Franc. Mencía favors mountain vineyards at high altitudes. The long, steady, cool growing season develops complex flavors. I liken this to cooking with a slow cooker or slowly braising meat. A vein of minerality is classic of good Mencía.


“Only a badass can drink Rhinestone wine and get away with it.”

I discovered this particular Mencía a few years ago when I lived in Montreal. Despite the Rhinestone and flowery label, there is some wonderful wine inside this bottle. I’m sharing this with you now because it’s on a massive sale at BC Liquors stores and won’t last long. Only a badass can drink Rhinestone wine and get away with it.

Gotín Del Risc Mencía 2012

Loads and loads of dark fruity berry flavors with hints of spice and flowers.

Grown on slate soils at high altitudes, there’s  a distinct silky and velvety mouthfeel and a refreshing finish. Overall very satisfying.

This wine can easily work with a range of foods or no food at all. Drink it now or cellar for a few more years.

Grilled sausages and patas bravas will be on the bbq tonight.

$13.97 +t&d #767764

Alright – you’re armed with really cool wine words like 

Mencía and Passerina that will stump most wine drinkers 

– so head to the liquor store and try a wine 

you’ve never heard of. 

Be a badass.

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