Campfire Food & Wine Pairings

Nothing says summer like camping with friends and family: lazy days, campfires and  good eats!

Truthfully, I’m more of a glamper and when we’re at the cabin, I love to plan delicious dinners, snacks and wines to match. 

When fellow redhead and wine writer, Nicole Mackay, and I met up to chat wine and both wore the exact same outfit, we knew we had to work together.

And so we have teamed up to bring you some fabulous campfire wines. You’ll find the white wines here and the🍷red wines🍷over at Nicole’s site, Social Sips.

While I love Champagne, I don’t always have a Champagne budget.

Our family loves popcorn and whether it’s Jiffy-pop over a campfire or stove-top, popcorn is awesome with bubbles! The salty, buttery combo works amazingly well with the freshness and effervescence of sparkling wine. This match-made-in-heaven has been around for a while: it’s almost a classic.

While I love Champagne, I don’t always have a Champagne budget. Crémants from France are an excellent mimic of this iconic bubble, but at much lower costs. 

These sparkling wines are made in the same traditional method as Champagne, which produces complex, yummy flavors. The bubbles come from the second fermentation inside individual bottles. The resulting CO2 gas gets trapped inside the bottles, dissolves into the wine and voila! Bubbles! 

Look to the regions of Alsace, Bourgogne, Jura, and Limoux for Crémants with great flavor and value.

Bailly Lapierre Réserve Brut Crémant de Bourgogne 

A bright easy drinking bubbly with citrus, apple and toasty bready notes. 

Made from hand-picked Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay and Aligoté grapes from vineyards in the north of Burgundy, close to the region of Champagne. 

Chill this wine down and try it with classic buttered popcorn or branch out with fun flavors like truffle or grated parmesan. 

Don’t fret about packing Champagne flutes. Bubbly can be served in wine glasses just fine.

$25.99 +t&d #657742

One of the great pleasures of camping is the gift of time. Time seems to move slower when you’re surrounded by nature and away from the day-to-day of home. This is the perfect occasion to spring for a special bottle and sip it slowly. 

Most French wines are labeled with the region they are from, not the grapes in the bottle.

I tend to drink more white wine in the summer rather than red. But, I also like wines with layers of flavor. So I found myself in the French section and this bottle of Chardonnay from Burgundy calling out: Drink me! Drink me!

First off, don’t be afraid of the French section. 

French wine labels can be a mystery to us North Americans because we buy wines by grape variety. 

Most French wines are labeled with the region they are from, not the grapes in the bottle. In certain regions, like Burgundy, the label may also list a sub-region or the village the grapes are from. 

White wine from Bourgogne is almost always made from Chardonnay. 

See! That wasn’t scary at all.  

Bottle of white Burgundy glistening in the sun

Bouchard Père & Fils
Mâcon – Lugny Saint –Pierre 2016

This wine was an absolute stunner.

The wine had glorious tropical and floral aromas with citrus and vanilla. The palate was super on-point with fruity apple and spice and a pure silky texture and perfectly balanced acidity. I never wanted the glass to end.

The producer, Bouchard Père & Fils, has made wine for over three centuries and their expertise is evident in this bottle. While many Burgundian white wines benefit from aging, the winemaker feels that this wine is best enjoyed in its youth. Woohoo!

$26.99 +t&d #552349

Savor this wine slowly and take a minute for yourself or serve as an elegant accompaniment to fire-grilled kabobs of shrimp, chicken or pork with a citrussy sauce. 

I tried this mango marinade from Food and Wine and while there were lots of ingredients and needed a blender, I made it at home and marinated the chicken during the drive out to the lake. 

It was great to have a prep-free meal ready to go when we fired up the grill.

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